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Amazing Ways to Repurpose Leftover Food

Every home, mostly end up with some cooked rice, prepared pulses, mashed potatoes, sugar syrup, etc. With the following handful of recipes, we can reduce wastage of the stuff left after some party; formal get together.

This article encloses some meaningful methods which can be very helpful for us to save food that is one of the most valuable resources. Their quantity and type are the two important factors that can guide you before your deciding of preparing a meal out of them.


Left over dal recipe:

1. Dal tikki-Take red chilly, sliced onions, white flour, salt, semolina (for a crunchy texture) along with the left dal mixture. Make small balls of this mixture and fry them in a nonstick pan. Serve it hot with green chilly sauce and tomato ketchup.

2)Dal paranthas– This is a smart way of using the left dal. Pour some wheat in it, along with sliced onions, add salt and chilly powder as per your taste. Make a dough with all the above ingredients and make healthy chapattis with it. Serve hot with green sauce and pickles.


Leftover rice dishes:

1) Lemon rice-This is the new way to save your cooked rice. Put three tablespoons refined oil in a cooking pan and add cooked rice in it. Add turmeric, chopped onions and lemon as per your taste. Mix well and serve hot with curd.

2) Rice pranthas– Pour somewhat in it, along with sliced onions, add salt and chilly powder as per your taste. Make a dough with all the above ingredients and make healthy chapattis with it. Serve hot with green sauce and pickles.


Leftover mashed potatoes

1) Cheese balls– The idea of mashed potato is common, but they are usually not left waste. But still if you are done from eating boring parantha’s and cutlets.

Just try this out that guarantees further luring. Take small cubes of cheese and add it into the mashed potatoes ball. The balls should be rolled first into breadcrumbs to make a crunchy top. Yummy isn’t it!
Leftover raw vegetables

1) Salad with a twist: while hosting parties we end up with some tit and bits of fresh vegetables like carrot, cucumber, cabbage, onion shreds, etc. All you need to do is to make a simple paste made up of sugar and lemon. It provides an amazing sweet and sour contrast. Just mix your raw vegetables into the syrup and relish. Grilling your leftover veggies like mushrooms and bell peppers on a wood pellet smoker is a great idea. It adds a lot of flavour and you don’t have to throw them away.

How to Saw Lumber?

Sawing a lumber effectively needs practice and a lot of dedication to aw well. Well, for a perfect finish of the saw, it requires a lot of effort as well as experience and this is the reason why people do ask for woodworkers or carpenters to get their job done. A small tool that goes a long way is to get a decent wood planer.

Well, if you are willing to save your money and saw a lumber alone then you need to have a proper guidance as well as dedication. Well, here are some tips that you may follow in order to use a Saw Lumber.


Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to support the wood at a comfortable level. This will give you a lot of options to use a table or a saw horse and align the wood at a comfortable level. This will help you to saw the wood easily.


Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to get prepared for grabbing the saw. Hold the saw properly will all the fingers around the handle leaving out the index finger. However while you do this, make sure that the blade is pointed downwards because it will help you to keep the body balance.


Step 3:

The next thing that you might have to do is to saw it with a fair amount of pressure while moving in a uniform direction. Remember one thing that the direction must always be uniform with pushing forward and pulling backward. However you must not use too much pressure on to the saw.


Step 4:

One of the key techniques to use saw is to cut with a larger blade while the cut gets deeper. Yes, once the cut is almost half inches deep, increase the strokes of your blade and try to cut much deeper. This will allow you to shorten the strokes once you are towards the end of the cut as this will allow you to finish the ct well.


Step 5:

One of the key things that you need to do is to use the blade’s reflection to guide a perfect perpendicular cut. Well, when you are about to make a square crosscut, you need to place the saw rightly at the edge of the wood and then use the reflection to complete the perpendicular cut.


Step 6:

Hand saws are easily catchable with stains and dusts. It also requires a lot of strains and thus it becomes quite difficult to clean the handsaw every time. However you must do it after every day of the cut as it will help you to keep the handsaw fresh and ready to use for the next day. However, if you do not do this, then it will be quite tough for you to use a dull blade and then sharpen it again and again.


Thus, all that you have to do is to follow these steps and then use the wonderful saw blade to perfectly saw. Well, always do follow these steps while you are using a saw.