When babies learn to crawl, they begin treating the entire world as their playground. A baby finds everything and anything exciting when she begins to crawl. She will see a bright yellow object in the corner of a room, and she will go to it.

You may have seen babies cry because they want to see the outside world. When a baby begins to crawl, the urge to explore the world becomes greater. While crawling under the supervision of an adult is not harmful, the problem arises when babies start crawling at night.

The first thing that babies do when they crawl is they pick up objects and put them in their mouths. This is a scary thing for parents. If you’re expecting a baby then do checkout cribs and mattresses at http://bestcribmattress.net.

You may not be aware, but there are several areas and things in your house that can harm your child. High steps, bathrooms and laundry rooms have all sorts of detergent that can be fatal to the baby if ingested.


If your baby has started crawling, instead of worrying about his crawling, you should focus on creating safe spaces. And a baby gate will help you in restricting your baby crawling inside a safe space.

Let’s get start with the top 10 baby gates that you can purchase in 2016.

  1. Summer Infant gate – This baby gate comes in extra tall size and is a multipurpose unit, which means that you will be able to use it as a decorative item after your baby learns to walk properly.
  2. Regalo Home Accents – This baby gate comes in extra tall form factor and is a walk through gate. A walk through gate won’t let the baby cross but adults can easily walk over it.
  3. Supergate Deluxe – This baby gate is designed to look stunning. Parents spend thousands of dollars on creating beautiful nurseries for their babies and this gate is going to enhance the look of any nursery.
  4. North State Industries – This is a super tall baby gate that is designed to be used for other purposes after the baby learn to walk properly. It is the bestselling baby gate in the market.
  5. Dreambaby security gate – This baby gate is designed to safeguard and protect your baby from dangers. It comes with auto lock functionality, which means that you won’t need to physically apply a door lock.
  6. Munchkin – This a beautiful off baby gate for people who have large nurseries.
  7. Munchkin Easy close – This baby gate is designed from lustrous metal and looks stunning.
  8. Evenflo Position – This baby gate will appeal to parents who have decided to only buy organic products. This gate is made from wood and doesn’t emit any harmful gases in the atmosphere.
  9. Safety 1st – This is another, low-cost baby gate that will appeal to people who only wish to purchase organic material for their babies. This gate is made from bamboo and has been rated 4.5/5 by users.
  10. KidCo safeway gate – This product stands out from the crowd because of its unique safety standards and interesting designs. You can use it for other purposes later on as well.